Unable to start a job from the Orchestrator

I am trying to run a job from the Orchestrator but I am getting this exception every time - " Executor start process failed, reason System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))". Even the Username and the Password which I have given for the Robot is the same as the Windows Username and Password of remote PC.
I also checked UIpath Robot in the Services and it’s running fine. So please suggest me a solution to fix this.
I am getting this issue for two days otherwise it was running fine earlier.
Uipath Studio Version - 2018.2.3
Thanks in the advance.

Hi @Asmit_Anand1,
Are you able to test this job from Studio?

Yes, For two days i am running it manually from Studio. When i am trying to run it from orchestrator then only it’s giving this error.

Have you updated the credentials fot the robot in the Orchestrator?

How are you passing the Username and Password variables for robot? If it’s domain computer remember including domain name in logon process.

Yes, I am using the same credential which i am using to login to remote PC.

Yes I am using a correct domain name.Earlier i was not facing these issues. Only for two days i am getting this.

In cmd ,can you type “whoami” and hit enter and see the output is matching with the data in orcestrator Domain\Username

Sure,Let me check it.

Yes, I checked it.Output is matching.

Very strange issue. Any update of Studio, project before problem occurred?

Can you share the UIPath robot(present in notifaction tray) settings screensshot?

Yeah, I updated the project few days back but after that i pushed the updated project and ran the job at that time also it was running.

Please have a look.

its very strange, Can you share the screenshot of :

  1. Are you running the bot on local machine or any Remote Desktop?
  2. Screenshot of Command prompt with the output of whoami on the machine you want the bot to run.
  3. Screenshot of UiPathRobot services.

Hi Muralidhar,

  1. I am running the bot on Remote Desktop.
    Please check the attached 1 2 screenshots-

In the Orchestrator, Domain\Username user what is exactly in the Cmd
i.e, Machinename\paul (replace machine name with what is present in the CMD ,ie., machine name in your case)

I have to replace domain\username value with Machine name right? Correct me if i understood wrong.



does it work?