Unable to start execution because of orchestrator isuue

I downloaded the 2018.4.4 version but I cannot able to execute my process.
The error is mentioned in the below mentioned screenshot.

Buddy @Karan28

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kindly upload the screenshot again buddy

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Pls find the screenshot

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You will need to go into orchestrator and check the settings of the Robot linked on your login.

Make sure that the Domain / Username matches the one mentioned in the error and that your entered password is correct

That should resolve your issue

buddy no worries
kindly log out of your orchestrator web application and try to execute buddy @Karan28
if you want to run in the studio…which can be done either in your orchestrator or by just disconnecting the bot with orchestrator being in your system by going to start->Robot->a robot tray will open and there click setting and disconnect the bot buddy @Karan28


if you want to run with orchestrator make sure this domain/username is used by any of your robot and then run from orchestrator buddy

This will work for sure buddy @Karan28
Cheers @Karan28

Hi @Karan28

u want to run bot from Orchestrator or studio?
if studio means go to Notification bar and click UIRobot icon disconnect them.

if Orchestrator mean create correct Provision

thankyou for your help , I just installed the uipath and as far as I know my studio is not connected with the orchestrator.
Do we have any other solution?

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Fine buddy
can i have a screenshot of your UiPath Robot tray in your system you can get by
and select settings

like this in your system
kindly provide this screenshot buddy.
Cheers @Karan28

Buddy , this the screenshot

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Fine buddy
this is really interestng…no worries
close your uipath studio, uninstall it and reinstall again and try to run the process buddy
that should work for sure
Cheers @Karan28

buddy were you able to run now… @Karan28

Hello Buddy,
Sorry for the late reply , I will re install and get back to you!

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yah sure buddy @Karan28

Did that work buddy @Karan28

Hello Buddy,

There was a issue with Studio , now it worked
Thankyou for ypur help

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Fantastic buddy @Karan28

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