Issue while starting a job from orchestrator

I recently started to work on the orchestrator. I created a robot and and a process and started the job. Then the job fails with the following message

I am using win 7 operating system and my account doesn’t has any password also.
Kinldy help

Executor start process failed, reason System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied.
Password is not provided (edit robot → username and password).

Please set the windows password and try.

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@ddpadil Awesome bro. working.Thanks

Hi @ddpadil,
Need your help, I’m unable to start a job from orchestrator but it works fine from the studio.

Hello there,
Are trying to deploy on the same machine where you built the workflow?
IF your running in different machine make sure you install the available packages there too.


Yes, I’m running it on different machine with latest version of UiPath and it works fine from studio.
What do you mean by install available packages there?

I built workflows for Academy2 Assignments on different machine, Now I shift to my new machine where Assignment-1 is working fine from both the studio and Orchestrator but Assignment-2 gives an exception from Orchestrator.

That’s bit weird :thinking:
Are you uploading package manually or pushing from studio?

PS: Are both project folder resides in same folder (if so please keep them different folder and publish)
Are there any other xaml files resides in assignment 2 folder ?(please remove redundant xaml and variables )

more on package management


Thank you @ddpadil for your time :slight_smile:
I published them from studio.
The problem was the same folder for both the projects and wrong file path in project.json, I put them on separate folders and now its working fine.

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Dilip, your answers for both errors were a “Solution” so i had to choose one to mark. Flipped a coin and it was the second :smile:

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Np mate,anyways that goes to my account :+1:

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I encountered another situation when start a job. The following is the error message

This error occurred after I upgrade the Studio and Orchestrator from version 1.3 to 2.2

Tool version(current):
Studio 2018.2.2 (Operating System: win 7)
Orchestrator 2018.2.2 (Windows Server 2012 R2)

Kinldy help

I’m also facing the same issue after upgraded to 2018.2 from 2018.1.4.

I reverted back to 2018.1.4 since all production Jobs were failing. Any help to solve this problem ~