Run a process with other subprocesses

Hello all,

I have a main workflow with other subprocesses (It uses invoke workflows) and when I publish the main workflow to orchestrator it does not run the invoke workflows.

How can I do it?

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Are all other xaml files inside that project folder ?

Yes, i have created the other two sequences inside this folder.

Hi @Angel_Llull

Does Mapped the argument with the variables in main xaml?



  1. Open Project.Json file in notepad and see which xaml is referred to as Main.xaml

  2. Try running the whole project in debug mode using studio so that we will get to know where the flow is missing

This way would help you to find the root cause

Cheers @Angel_Llull


I have checked the .json file and the main is correct (“FacturasVariosKIA.xaml”).

If I ran this file in studio it works. This is the .xaml file that contains the other two sequences.

On other hand, @pravin_calvin in this main workflow I have convert the arguments in variables to use them, and then pass them two the second invoke workflow.

Thanks both!

Hi @Angel_Llull

Do we have the Correct file path for Invoke Workflow as it maps to the xaml Correct?

And as @Palaniyappan Suggested try to run in Debug mode and you come to know the Process flow!

Hit the Breakpoint on the Invoke workflow and try to run on debug mode!



This is the error that appears when it is ran from orchestrator:

“The entry point must be a file within the current project. The file used was: InvoicesVariosKIA.xaml”

Does it mean that the flow inside the Invoke Actvitiy is not inside the same folder?


Hi @Angel_Llull

The entry point must be set to main.xaml !


No worries

Can you share a screenshot of project panel from studio

The issue is that Main.xaml is a sequence, I mean it is called by Invoke Workflow from InvoicesVariosKIA.xaml.

In Main.xaml arguments are created and sent to InvoicesVariosKIA.xaml. Afterthat, in importarguments I have assigned them to variables. Then, another workflow is called and the arguments are passed to this new workflow.

I attach you the folder, maybe it is worth…Conceptos Facturas (990.0 KB)

Hi @Angel_Llull

As Gone through the process you had not Invoked the xaml into main file ?

Please refer to the documentation below Invoke workflow file!