Run a bot while not present?

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I have been following a bit of the lessons and am working on a project. I am fairly new so i could use some tips on this project:

in short the goal: the bot goes to a website at 20:00 to check something and subscribes for me if possible and repeats this activity every day.

I am done with the writing the activity and also succeeded to make a bot and schedule the task to it.

But I am wondering if i can get the task also executable when im not present or when my desktop is offline.

I got a NASK device which i perhaps can use but i can also choose to buildt in an automatic boot command to my desktop (lets say i let it boot at 19:55) however i do not know if the bot will run if my desktop is in the login screen and im also not sure how i could get past that problem… (or does it by default? because at some point you had to give up your password to make the bot).

Some tips would be really appreciated.
Since its a small project I am working with the community licence and have only limited resources.

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U can do that on the orchestrator.
U can schedule it to your preffered time and bot executes it as instructed.

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Thnx for your reply, i really appriciate it.

So it doesnt need a running machine? From where does it run then exactly? I thought there had to be a computer or server running so orchestrator could execute from there.

The use of Orchestrator is one way to go for scheduling your process. I haven’t tested it myself but the UiRobot.exe also has a -file (Execution Command) and -process (Start process command), that appears to be another way to initiate a process if Orchestrator is unavailable.

You will need some host (physical or virtual) with UiRobot service installed in order to receive the job and perform the instructions. The version of Windows and how it is configured along with the configuration of Orchestrator/Robot will determine what is possible.

For example, by default a robot will Login to Console (Default: Yes), this is essentially like logging into a machine while you are physically in front of it and if I recall, would interrupt the current local user if the users did not match, otherwise would take over the current session. If your host allows for it, could also turn off console mode and enable the Robot’s user the ability to create a RDC with an increased concurrent session so they are always logging into their own interactive session.

Some food for thought.

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Hello Stein,

Yes, Its possible.
Kindly refer to this link below, I’m sure most of your queries can be solved.


Thank you!

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Hello, I am also looking the solution for this. Unfortunately this link is not working would you please give me some other resources?.
Thank you in advance

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