Orchestrator start missed run as soon as possible

Hi all.

My robot should run ideally overnight, but if PC is off, then it should start soon as possible when user turns on the machine. For this purpose Windows scheduler has very useful feature “Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed”.

Is there anything similar in Orchestrator? How to start missed robot?

Thank you

Hi there @luckylemon (interesting username :smiley: )

If PC is off you can’t run anything let alone a bot.

When the PC is switched on by a user you can start it from Orchestrator yourself, and if that is not your wish then you can use Windows task scheduler which starts your bot - Windows Task Scheduler

If not then don’t turn off your machine and just lock it, (hibernate might work I haven’t tried this) and schedules will take care of the bot run.

Or you can schedule the bot every two hours or something and update a file which checks for the bot run and if the bot has already run once then quit the processing, simple as that.

Regards :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I don’t want to use Windows Scheduler as it is officially unsupported way, so they may depreciate it completely eventually.

Don’t turn off the machine is not an option.

Schedule bot via Orchestrator regularly and check when last run was done, may be the best solution at the moment.

@luckylemon great will try to find more implementations about how to trigger as soon as PC opens/boots up, maybe ask my colleagues.

Maybe have you considered trigger events? As soon as PC starts up you can update a file using startup script which can have a file trigger mapped with the file you want to run?

Just a thought.