How to achieve below Scheduling of job


I have a business scenario where i want to run the Robot after every 5 minutes so that i can get correct status of business data from a site. But to achieve this i have below questions:

  1. First how can i achieve this via UI Path
  2. If Orchestrator to be used then how?
  3. Will the robot work only when the corresponding System is Switched on or is it possible to run it 24*7 by some functionality?
  4. Will the complete process run in background without intervening our daily process.


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I will answer point by point.

  1. You can achieve this using Schedules in Orchestrator (Robot should be running and connected)
  2. Yes it can be used by connecting/provisioning the Robot in your machine with the Orchestrator URL and Machine key that can be gotten from the Orch.
  3. System should of course be switched on but normally bots are run in VDI’s and VMs that are hosted on Cloud/AWS etc.
  4. Nope, if a bot is running in a system and if it is not attended automation then you cannot fiddle with it.

Hope this clears it. Ask me follow ups if something seems obscure.

Regards :slight_smile:

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Buddy @npatni
Here you go…

  1. Yes you can do this with the help of UiPath Studio buddy, But make sure the process tat you develop here in uipath is made to get the details with the proper selectors of the page, fields and button AFTER THE FIVE MINUTES as they might get changed from the one before 5 mins…so make sure that the activities in the workflow is made with dynamic selectors buddy…that can handle the change in selectors and attributes of the elements after the five mins of wait
  2. Yes you have to use orchestrator to make it more reliable unattended robots… the you mentioned like need to run every after 5 minutes, and that seems like a scheduled one, so once after creating the process in studio…make sure that the process is published to orchestrator and the machine where this process is going to be executed is installed with robot.exe and the machine name is entered the same in orchestrator…make sure it is connected properly buddy…but this is still a normal process buddy…but to make it run every five minutes you can use an option called SCHEDULE in orchestrator where you can run the bot every 5 minutes every day…like this
  3. No buddy its not like that, to be very simple, when we create the robot in orchestrator, we will mentioning the machine name , robot name, and DOMAIN USERNAME AND PASSWORD buddy…so whenever the robot is initialized to run as per the schedule set,it will get connected to machine with the above credentials buddy…so it can be run 24*7 buddy
  4. By now you could have found the answer for this buddy…YES it can be done without intervening…

Thats all buddy you are done
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @npatni


were able to get into tat buddy @npatni