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Hi everyone,

I have existed bot It is Scheduled for every 2miniutes using Task scheduler. Now I want to schedule that in Orchestrator while running that bot.i don’t want to stop that bot in task scheduler. but I want to add that in Orchestrator. is it possible?

Please help me.

Krishna reddy

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As you said you want to schedule it in Orchestrator right. Then you want to schedule it in Task Scheduler ? Is there any specific reason for this ?

@lakshman Already the bot was scheduled in Task Scheduler now they want to deploy in Orchestrator. but the work should not stop. if they are fine with Orchestrator they remove Task Scheduler.

Hi @lakshman
If your bot is unattended or attended ?
If your bot is unattended there are no need of keeping schedule

But anyway there is no matter, only thing happen if your task schedule runs while you run it via orchestrator, the your schedule tasks will fail as "task already running " and will retry with next time frame

Keep retry option on your process


If Schedule it in both places then it will trigger two times then at a time only one BOT will run.

If suppose process triggered through Task scheduler one running first then it show BOT status like Busy in Orchestrator. Once the BOT available then only it will execute process.

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva it is attended.

Ok then no problem orchestrator can push job but for attended bot cannot execute task by own (human interaction needed) have to click and run

I hope that’s why you are using task schedule make run

So no matter you can proceed, but note that attended bot cannot perform like unattended bot (its cannot execute dispatched jobs without run via click)
That’s the thing your task schedule doing

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I hope you got your answer :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand: