Run bots overnight

Is it possible to run a robot which performs data scraping from a website even when the system is switched off? We would like to run the bot overnight and schedule it for every 2 hours.

What system do you mean is turned off? The website? Or your infra?

Hello @tara017,
What do you mean by “system is switched off”? Every workflow process need at least robot running on machine connected to Orchestrator or Studio with process started on particular system where you need to perform the tasks.

The computer on which the process is supposed to run would be switched off every night. But the process must still run overnight. Is it possible?

Unfortunately not, unless you’re using Orchestrator which will then be able to pick up which robots are online and which aren’t (assuming there’s going to be a machine online).

Is there any reason why the computer is turned off every night?

And what if the machine on which Studio is installed is powered off? The computer in which the robot is running is turned off at night. Is it possible to run the process through the orchestrator in the background? Does it have to be deployed on some kind of server which is ON 24 x 7?

Unless you have a robot installed on the orchestrator server in this scenario, then no. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend using an active robot on your orchestrator server.

The robot server will need to be turned on at all times ideally, but definitely at times you want processes to be run.