i have a scenario that i have to complete the rpa challenge in less than 10 seconds.I have completed the workflow and completed the challenge in 13 seconds i cant complete before 10 seconds how can i do it please help

Hi @alan_prakash

reduce hardcoded delays wherever necessary and replace it with timeout

use parallel activities if your scenario or requirement matches it


Hello @alan_prakash

Go to project settings and you will able to see a default delay. Reduce it.
Also whereever simulate click\Type is possible, use it. As its faster than default and send windows message mode.

Also don’t use any delay activity.

Also if you using the open Application/Browser activity, there will be an option to use the existing opened session. Use that to reduce the time taken for opening the browser.

i have reduced it to zero and used parallel activity but can only be completed by 13 sec

@alan_prakash Are you using Type Into or Set Text activity. If you are using Type Into can you try with set text with parallel activity

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