Milestone 2 - Automating User Interface

In this milestone, you discovered that User Interfaces can be automated either by adding the activities one by one or by recording your actions and having the activities generated. What applications/websites used in your work do you plan on automating?

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I just successfully completed the RPA Challenge with a Success Rate of 100% in 143.778 seconds. It was a fun challenge, thoroughly enjoyed it. :slight_smile: I am planning to automate the web form filling activities using the skills I picked up during this lesson and challenge.


Hey Pranam well done!

Did try changing the Inpunt Mode to Simulate? In my computer time was cut by almost half:

Simulate Mode

Hardware Events Mode

You should try it if not. :slight_smile:



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Thanks for the tips andres. It is considerably faster in Simulate mode (60 sec vs 129 sec). Although it gave some warning about the Type Into actions in the workflow when the input mode is changed.


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Yes, It gave me the same warnings, in order to hide them just change the Click before typing value to None in all Type into actions:


I hope it works for you :slight_smile:

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Manage to do it using simulate method

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Setting simulate input method the robot is much faster :exploding_head:

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Yay :slight_smile:
it didn’t let me use the Simulate mode though (Error was something like cannot use for Special signs even though the first name did’t include special sign). Anyways, I am still happy with this result > bot is still working faster than me.

Challenge was fun, i totally forgot about web Recorder and later realized to make this work. My question is in Simulate mode why the milliseconds are different. Is this calculation depends upon the internet/processor speed.

Great exercise - just maybe some feedback to the developers that instead of using the Double UI app maybe have the data as a webpage instead? Due to company policies I wasn’t able to run the app.

I made it through to round 7. I’m happy it made it that far! I’ll try it again over the weekend to figure out what I have to do to make it through all 10 rounds. This was a fun one!

I just successfully completed the RPA Challenge

Simulate Mode

Without Simulate Mode

Finally got to the 100% - great challenge - enjoyed that and picked up a couple of extra tips and clarifications :+1:

Great exercise, also managed to get the 100%. And the hint regarding changing the input mode to simulate lowered the duration significantly. Really looking forward to the next exercises.

I could not get the first Video in this set of exercises to work on my work computer, so I had to use to computers to finish the first exercise which made it take a very long time, with the fact that is should have been third from the last I finally finished this module.

How to enter into the ‘Input Mode’? which steps to be taken?

Just click properties of each type into activity and change input mode value for simulate and select “None” for click before typing:

You can use it also for click’s activities:

My score with those simulate methods turned on:

Thank you very much!!!

Ok, I got to 100% but forgot to take a screen capture. :roll_eyes: