Rpachallenge.com Solution - need for speed

I have made a solution to rpachallenge.com and managed to get 100% accuracy in ~5 seconds however I would like to do it faster. See below for xaml file and required excel sheet.

RPAChallengev2.xaml (23.8 KB)

challenge.xlsx (33.1 KB)

The input and submit part is extremely fast, however there is a slight delay every time I send the hotkey to move on to the next screen. I assume the delay is the time taken for the bot to find the elements so my question is, how can I make this even faster? I have set every delay and waitforready to zero. I accept that it may not be possible to complete the task faster using my method, but I’m no expert.

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Hotkey?? why are you doing it with hotkey?

Ill give you 2 hints

  1. Selectors
  2. Parallel activity


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If you check the workflow you will see that I am using Send Hotkey to press ‘enter’ when all fields have been completed rather than use a click activity on the ‘submit’ button (experimentation on my part to see which was faster).

I am using both dynamic selectors and a parallel activity to populate the fields.

The part that I want to speed up is the short delay that occurs after all fields are populated and ‘submit’ is pressed. The screen changes and there is a small delay before all the fields are populated once again.

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Can try to do this in the first name field “row(0).ToString+ “[k(enter)]”” instead of sending a HotKey

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Pressing enter at any point is the same as clicking ‘submit’ which would change the web page to the next configuration of input fields. I would try this except I am inputting the data in parallel so I have no way of knowing which ‘Type into’ activity is executed last.

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Hi there @PeterHeyburn,
If you have a real desire for speed, please see the below:
RPA_Challenge_Example.zip (50.5 KB)

Should complete in around .5 seconds.

Keep in mind, this is somewhat cheating, utilising Inject JS :slight_smile:

On a side note, this has been created using Chrome, so you will require the Chrome Add-on installed.

Thanks in advance,


Modify your code to 100 ms.
Thank you for good exercise.

RPA_Challenge_Example.zip (24.2 KB)