How to Reduce AHT of process?

How Can we reduce the AHT of process performed by bot ?.Also I want to know how can we reduce the time taken by bot to perform one activity after the other activity?

Hello @varun5

Are you facing problem with any specific activity or all acitivies seem to run slow.
As well please note if you dont set timeout for each activity it will default wait for 30s until it finds elements , in cases where you have used continue on error.Type into activities sometime takes time if simulate Type isnt set to true.

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AHT can be increased by adding the bots
Bot performance can be increased by rigorous check in the time consumption in each actvity while execution and then identifying unnecessary time taking activities and reducing its time by using properties like simulate click, systematic timeout adjustment etc.

these all are covered in basic RPA developer trainings, hope you have gone through it :slight_smile:

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