RPA/UiPath very confused

I’m struggling truly understanding all the information being given. I’m reading all of this information but I’m not fully understanding some of this dialog. I understand it would be easier if I had a background in coding or IT but I do not. I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone on this one but I really want to learn and understand this material. Are there any other tools or resources I can use alongside UiPath to gain a better understanding of what is going on? Also I find trying to figure out what expressions I need to write, how I need to write them and why I need to write them in certain formats in the practice modules.

I would recommend for you the training for the StudioX instead, there you dont have to know any coding languages… But if you want to do so, mainly it is VB.NET syntax and for the next release also C#. VB.Net Programming Tutorial

I’m currently using the Studio Pro Community. How different is that from StudioX?

The product engine is the same, you can in settings choose which profile you want to use:

I’ll try to download and check it out. Also thank you for the link!

Dont need to download, you already have it :slight_smile: Just go to settings and profile change.

Browsing through it it appears I’ll have to use the Community ed in order to complete the practice modules. The layout is far different making it even more confusing, lol

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There are also separate training modules for Studio X in the academy. You could start with those and work your way up to the RPA developer trainings, which do require Studio/Studio Pro.

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