RPA beginner ( Studio or Studio X)


I am trying to learn UiPath for the first time, as someone whose only coding experience is one college course in Excel Macros and who is still relatively new in his accounting career and I would like to use RPA for the long term. Which UiPath should I start learning? Ui Path Studio or Ui Path Studio X?

If I start off learning Studio X, do I have to relearn everything for Studio one day?


Hi @michaelchangliu20

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UiPath X is targeted towards the business users to automate the process with less activities and code stages. UiPath Studio targeted towards the user with programming background. Studio X is simpler way to start learning an automation for the business users.

In order to use Studio, some understanding about VB.net/C#.Net will definitely help you. There are lot of course available in the UiPath academy for Developers (learning plan for developers)

Of course, even without core programming knowledge you can learning UiPath and become a UiPath RPA developer. As I mentioned earlier, average understanding of VB.net/C#.Net is required.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

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Hi @michaelchangliu20 ,

As per my Experience learning UiPath from Scratch i would suggest start the Courses Provied in UiPath Academy from Beginner to Advanced .