Complete Beginner - No Computer Science, coding or development background but keen to learn RPA

Hi mentors,

I am super excited at the potential of RPA and it’s capabilities, however, I am a complete novice to the computer language world.

I am told a learned developer tends to have a much more structured approach to automation development. Apparently, your discipline and methodology you use in other programming languages translates nicely and provides a good foundation for automation development. :man_shrugging:

This may be that I need a better understanding of .net (BTW I’ll need to google .net - that’s how inexperienced I am)

I am keen to take a deep dive into the Academy and absorb the Foundation training and keep going to the Advanced training but my question is if I should learn .net, first (crawl before you can walk). Would you recommend this? (and if so, where? - but I’ll check on Lynda Library).

Or, should I just jump into the Academy?

Thanks if you have read this far.

Just wanting to fast track my learning for RPA

Knowing a programming language before stepping into RPA is good, but not necessary. Rather than programming skills, you need to have logical thinking. However, it would be very easy to learn RPA if you have basic concepts of programming like condition checking, loops etc.

I can suggest you a course on C#. Just a 5 hour course which can help you a lot. Though UiPath uses VB.NET for now, soon C# support will come. Also, knowing C# would be good for your career too.

The course is not free, but you can get a 10 day trial period. YouTube has so many content on programming. Happy learning.

For learning UiPath, I don’t think there is anything better than the academy. Kudos to the team who put that up.


Hi Kannan - you legend!

Thank you for your insight and recommendation to the C# course. Will 100% do it.

Thanks for adding value to my learning.

Hi Buddy @JonnyPaine

Welcome to UiPath Community…

Buddy sometimes we have to run before we walk …
Really appreciate your interest towards RPA and many congratulation for choosing UiPath, the technology thats gonna be the future…Alright coming to the point,
There is no need to be a scholar in coding, programming, but needed to be good in logical thinking (as @KannanSuresh buddy said).
We have one of the most promising academy to give full track courses on csharp, yes MVA, Microsoft virtual academy,

you can have a look on to it as well.

Huuuh…yes jump into academy, you will automatically get good competency on coding as well.
Buddy taking step towards a vision is always better to get held up with making decisions. You have made it so far…
lets ui - path…:+1:

Cheers buddy

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Yea buddy! :smiley:
Really appreciate all the value being thrown my way. Hopefully the MVA will be another string to the bow! (I see it has a deadline for all courses so best I get a move on!)
Much appreciated :pray:t4: