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I am a beginner in ui studio and start around two weeks ago with my “way” of understanding the software and her possibility. After to weeks of nearly fulltime working on that I checked the activities guide, the KB, and the training materials (including video). Most of them are helpful to explain a special “part” or function from UIPath. I don’t if it is that i am no programmer or that i only be stupid but after all Training there is still a lot of Points on my understanding that are black boxes:

  1. A high Level Explanation / overview of the Programm and the underlaying conception
  2. The activities guide is rudimentary. The Explanation what is done by that activity is realy short and the allowed datatypes are missing
  3. Transformation operations is missing from my Point of view totally
  4. The different TypeArguments and there function are completly missing

May be i did’t check/understand the concept of the Software or i is necessary to have a programmer Background to see it, but on other Hand i think you use Visual Basic / .net Basics in your Software. But that isn’t described on any point of the documentation (or i miss it).

Is there any additional documents available?



Do you have access to this documentation? Not sure if you need to be an enterprise customer.

Hi @richarddenton,
Yes, it needs because I tried to access it here, but I was not able to see its content.

Hi @TimoC,

In this case, I suggest you to follow the links belows since they are public:

And also watch the videos from the UIPath beginner guide playlist.

Yes, you are going have to learn some programming and logic skills to get the best benefits from UIPath. Please follow the course below from the official Microsoft website:


Hey @acaciomelo

Because you are not signed up here with your enterprise email and that category is only accessible for enterprise users. :slight_smile:



This is not related to UiPath. UiPath is based on VB.Net so if you are interested in UiPath that would be my recommendation, or C# which is easily amended to VB.Net if required.



This site is useful to everyone.Thanks for sharing this site. I get some information from this site.

could any one please tell me, what are the knowledge or skill set or technology required to learn UiPath…

A basic understanding of programming techniques is helpful although not essential. If you understand macros in Excel or SQL then you’ll be fine. However, for basic needs you don’t even need that as all activities are defined within UiPath.

Start with the rpa academy :slight_smile:

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Honestly, this type of questions depend on what kind of projects you want to work on, or what is expected from you in work/school etc.

Hi, acaciomelo
Thanks for providing information.

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I need to access documents related to the Orchestrator and I am signed in with a PwC email but I the acess is denied.

How can I solve this?

Hi @martinsginer

Please contact us via the form on our website or your contact person to resolve the issue.

Not able to access those file,

Can u please send it to

Thanks in advance

Hi @TimoC

We at have around 80 articles written on UiPath…
Hope you will find them useful while practicing :slightly_smiling_face:

Sharath Raju

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Hello sharathraju
I’m an mba in marketing, I don’t have any technical degree. Can I learn uipath rpa and get job in that
Currently I’m in sales profile i want to change my career. Is it possible? Please answer