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Please, I would like to start my learning journey with UiPath, but I could not make a clear distinction between " RPA Citizen Developer" and “RPA Developer” which one to choose? or why should I choose one both the other?

Also, I would to get same help with StudioX and Studio.

Thank you

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Hi @Bachir_Amadou

you should learn both of them, both are really useful and provide excelent information to start, learn all of them in the UiPath academy, there are many courses about that and also focus in StudioX if you want, just seach them


@Bachir_Amadou I would say first start with Citizen Developer which is a non-technical user that creates simple automations for themselves and their departments. Here work with Studio X

After that go RPA Developer which is technical one which work with mainly Studio

So don’t think just Start Your Journey

Good Luck

Hope this will help u if yes then mark it as solution

Hi @Bachir_Amadou

  • RPA Citizen developer training is a learning plan specifically made for the users who don’t have formal coding experience/non-technical users. This uses StudioX
  • RPA Developer is a learning plan made for technical users. This uses Studio

These two training are available in UiPath academy. Refer to the below link on how to scale the automation with Citizen Developers

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noted, thanks

Nice, explanation. thanks

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@Bachir_Amadou You’re most Welcome in case anything else you need any assistance pls let me know i’m always here


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