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Hi Guys, I have passed my Certification of Advance RPA Developer. I am actively applying for jobs, But no luck yet. Every requirement asks for something more than just RPA. I have come across various requirement which ask for atleast one among the list - .Net, C#, C++,Java, Javascript, Python, Html, VB. Now I do not have knowledge in any of these.

Could you help me understand what is the need to know these languages, are there any dependencies ???
and if there are then What would you guys recommend me to learn in order to have a career in RPA.




As UiPath is .Net application and we have everything in VB and C# in the tool, we need to know the basics of VB (atleast) to start working on UiPath. (Just my opinion :slight_smile: )

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Hi @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

It’s fine if you don’t have any intensive learning with.net Especially VB.net.
Because along the way when you have a lot of training,experience using UIPATH eventually you will learn the basic of .Net.And also try to be active here in our community .For you to hone your UIPATH skill dramatically.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Yah of course that got a major role being an rpa Developer
Because especially with uipath it’s made of dot net framework and all the methods used are from vb.net and now enhances with c# as well
So if we are good in these two languages we would be able to access the methods and functions in the studio while we design our workflow
Apart from this we would be able to develop custom activities like NEW ACTIVITIES that could empower our automation to the next level and for that we need to have this coding skill buddy
So taking this into consideration we need to know in major like vb.net, C#
Apart from this if we want to make it even more effective in design perspectives, then we can use Python and Java language by invoking those codes here in uipath studio like we can use Python to get data from any application using API which is a best example for its usage

So initially learn vb.net and C# and later we can get into Python and Java

And to know more about them we got c#corner and Microsoft virtual academy websites to learn with

Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

Thanks @HareeshMR, @pattyricarte, @Palaniyappan.
Since I have no prior knowledge of any of these. could you pls tell me -

  1. which course would be better to take up VB or C#,
  2. How much time it takes to learn the basics?
  3. good websites / youtube channels that can help me learn these skills.

Also I was thinking these are old technologies, how about learning Python instead, which is new and emerging… what are your thoughts on that? does Python also needs VB, C# as pre-requisite.


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not much if we have good basic knowledge of programming then it would be more easier

for vb.net Microsoft Virtual academy
or c sharp corner (type in google search)

yah thats cool and a plus indeed
but not necessary to be a RPA developer (just a plus)

yah programming structures and basics that is learned with c# or vb.net would help you

Cheers @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

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Thanks @Palaniyappan for patiently answering all my questions. This is really helpful.

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Thanks @pattyricarte !!!

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Thanks @HareeshMR!!!

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No worries @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

Happy to help .:grin:


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