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Hiiii guys, i completed my certification rpa developer certification and present working on assignment2 level 3 advanced. But my question is actually I’m not from coding background, I would say ‘0’ coding language skills, but some how I manged to know some expressions
by learning uipath and from forum. But in some cases i’m not able move forward. So I would like learn one coding Language so that I can overcome my dull areas, which language would you guys suggest me to become good in uipath in all aspects. Thanks in advance


Buddy @venkatmalla6

Hearty congratulation on completing the certification on RPA developer, and no worries buddy that it doesn’t bother we know coding or not, you have done so far as you are good at logical and that is what is very important in using or being in RPA.
While knowing a language takes you to the next level of advancement and for that you can start either of two languages buddy, c# or, as these two languages in dotnet framework is been used here in our UiPath, And i really appreciate your interest towards this, and would like to share few URL that can really help you out to get in touch with these languages,

  2. c# sharp corner

these two websites are really very promising with the way they give us idea about each concept in those languages,

Hope this would help you and i m really sorry for not replying, hope you don’t mistake and thanks again for your kindness. @venkatmalla6
Cheers buddy

@Palaniyappan thanks buddy.

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I am working on kofax kapow …i want to switch in ui path…any programming skills required for learning ui path?