RPA Careers

Hi, I currently work in RPA with a lesser known system and have been going through the UiPath Certification to grow my skills within RPA. I have been looking at various job postings for RPA to see what skills companies are looking for. Most of them seem to want you to know .NET. I was curious to what extent that expectation is and if there is value with me taking the time to learn .NET. From what I see beyond just knowing programming logic and some basic skills in any language seems like it would be enough. With that said, I want to ask and see if anyone has any insight on what companies are looking for in potential employees. Any insight would be appreciated.

Companies are looking for .NET experience because UiPath is built on VB.NET. If you’re going through the UiPath cert, you’re learning .NET as you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

RPA as an industry is pretty new. I think you’ve got it about right in that you really need to know programming logic and have some rudimentary coding skills. RPA allows you to abstract some of that stuff, but its a great foundation to build on.