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This seems to me correct from the theoretical point of view since it reinforces certain theoretical gaps.

  1. Training should remember where one left last and start from there on.
  2. one should be able to select the training plan and the same should be available in dashboard, Refer to CoursEra

It’s a very good course I will continue my learning

Hi guys, I am going through the first module and I got a question wrong about Unattended robots: “Which of the following statements about robots are true?” I got the answer incorrect for choosing “You can run jobs from Orchestrator both on attended and unattended robots”.

I thought this was true though - Unattended robots jobs are triggered exclusively from Orchestrator. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

I’m still learning myself so I don’t fully know why that’s the wrong answer. However, unattended jobs can also be run through UiPath assistant.

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Am Realy happy with this trainingand the progress am making.

Hi! Thanks a lot for this amazing learning journey!
Just wondering, as a beginner, is it mandatory that I understand and complete all of the exercises on my own? Or eventually once I start with building real automation I’ll get a better grip of the materiel?

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post on, but can someone explain why in Arguments demo, the ‘isValidInput’ direction is changed from Out to to In/Out? Why would it fail if it was not changed?

Hi,just wondering:

  1. With the new exam no need of knowledge in the classic experience at all?
    2.Once entering the exam scheduling website, I can pick to take the test whenever I want?
  2. Please correct me if this is wrong: We have an unlimited amount of attempts to pass the test as long as we pay for each attempt.
    Thanks in advance.