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We want to hear your feedback‌ .

If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the new RPA Testing Academy course, please feel free to add them in this thread.

I expect > button jump to next explanation, and < button go back to previous explanation but it was opposite.

Hi. Is there any 1 to 1 training available for entire RPA UiPath Testing course? Thanks

I believe it would be much better if you explain the methodologies and the overal mindset behind software testing beforehand. In another tutorial, you provided a link to Test Automation University which was a valuable source. So, I think if you integrate information about the foundations of test automation and DevOps in the test courses in Academy, the value we get will be exponential.

Here’s two courses from TAU which I think would be great for anyone who wants to deliver quality RPA solutions:


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it was good learning rpa testing with studio pro

Good Day Team,

Please am trying to download UIPATH studio Pro to enable me to perform my test.

Currently, I have STUDIO installed on my system but am unable to download the trial version of STUIOD PRO. Can you direct me to the link where I can download a free trial for STUDIO PRO?


As in the new community edition there is no pro available whereas the Studio Pro functionalities have been appended with the Studio i think .So go ahead and try with Studio itself.


Well this course needs to be updated to not say having Studio Pro is a requirement as I have wasted an awful lot of time trying to get Studio Pro now.

Also note that unlike the other courses, this course does not provide a downloadable sample of the completed exercise. Found it impossible trying to recreate and follow along demo as I was unable to work out what was used in “Basic and Data Driven RPA Test Cases” first Video Lesson, how what the “First Name” box is that encapsulates the “Find …” and “Type into …” Activities.

Really harsh when you are trying to complete a 35 hour course but the last hour makes it infuriating difficult to finish what I believe could be an important part.

Hi @GTEM ,

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that the version of the course is tied to the 2020.10 version of UiPath, in which the testing features were available under the Studio Pro license. You can use UiPath Studio 2021.10 or newer to build along, but that’s not something we recommend doing. By the way, there is a newer version of the RPA Testing with Studio course, tied to 2021.10. You can access it here. In fact, there’s an entirely new version of all the courses under RPA Developer Foundation, which we released a couple of weeks ago.

If you’re aiming to clear the RPA Associate certification, we’d recommend going through this one.

Regarding your second point, I am sorry to report that we can’t attach those projects in the course, as our policy is to focus on the new versions of the content. However, as stated at the beginning of the video, the automation project used to create the test cases was built in one of the earlier courses (UI Automation or Selectors, if I recall correctly). I hope this helps!

UiPath team, I completely agree with this point and TAU should be referenced.

Hola. el curso me ha parecidomuy interesante divertido e intuitivo