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We want to hear your feedback‌.
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ RPA Developer Foundation course, please feel free to add them in this thread.


What is the expected time to complete this course? It is not stated in the description of the course.
Thanks for letting me know!

In the course in SCORM, in videos, there is no option to select video quality, hence data get used up quickly, low speed net is a problem. Please add this options as found in earlier videos. Also couldn’t access these videos from company provided laptop, this was not the case earlier, when videos were directly accessible from the site.



I have recently joined the UiPath community and enrolled in the Developer Foundation Training.

The course itself is well organized, however there are a few things that stand out as issues and I think can be improved upon:

  • Problem with saving course/module progress: the progress isn’t always saved up to the last item you viewed.
  • No video quality settings: I frequently have to squint at the monitor to make out what is being typed (example: is it a . or a ,).
  • Inconsistent naming conventions: when I look at a video and its recap there are sometimes different names used, I know it seems minor but if in the video we have list A and in the recap we have list B it’s a bit difficult to make the correct connections between the video and recap.
  • Inconsistency between a practice solution (web text) and solution file (for example in Data Manipulation - Practice 1 you have way more elements in the web text than in the file you download).

Those are my main gripes, though there are a few minor ones (such as frequently needing to pause the videos when text is being copy/pasted in).

I appreciate the system of you guys offering a big range of free courses and a lot of resources/platforms where you can go and learn more in depth.

I would love to see improvements with the courses and learning platform this year, as I want to grow my skills.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


Question: is this the place to submit issues with the course? I started having trouble playing videos. I’m stuck at the video demo for Do-While in the Variables, Data Types & Control -> Loops section.

I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that I started working from home (I took all previous lessons from my company’s network). It’s the only thing that’s changed since videos stopped loading.

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, thanks for this great Training. It helps me a lot. Yes, there are some Little Bugs (i.e. the saving of the Training development - somehow it works fine with IE, but makes Problems with Chrome). But to summerize: it makes fun, is not borring and brings a lot :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

ATTENTION: Please be advised that the most newly released Uipath academy version has some mess up on the training videos. Take PDF automation chapter for example. the 1st video of PDF automation is a incorrect one, there is nothing about the PDF and the video voice-over is different from the voice scripts below. Same issues also happen in Email automation chapter. Please have a double check and amend accordingly.

Hi Isaac,

Thank you for flagging this. Both courses have now been updated with the correct videos.

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In the new version of Academy after login nothing is showing in any tab, whether it is courses, Learning path. Always showing no data found.
After log out all data are showing.
Earlier all were working and I was in middle of my RPA developer foundation.


Hello Alin,

I got problems at the training at subsection variables. In the exercises with “Do while” in a sequence, I did everything what I had do to do, but when I press run It only ask me once for a year, even when the first time was not a leap year.

In the same exercise but then in de flow chart part, the flow chart works but when it a leap year the message box keeps popping up and I have to press Stop to pervent it of keeping popping up.

I like to know if there is anything that I’m doing wrong.
if you need to know I’m working in version (19.10.4 of UiPath Studio)

kind regards,

Hi Steven,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please attach the workflows here so that we can take a look?


Hi Razvan,

thanks for the quick responds, but I Can’t add an attachment, I get the message “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” I just started to use the community forum yesterday.

kind regards,

Oh, ok. Can you then zip them and send them via email? I will DM you my address.


Fantastic…explained very well…everyone can easily understand in simple language with Good examples

Nee more description about data manipulation specially regex, very fast and unable to understand easily

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I started the previous courses and didn’t finshed all, so I am starting since the beggining and I must say it is worthy. It is better presented, more intuitive and more interactive than the last one.

Good work !

Thanks a lot!


I love this Course and very much interesting to learn UI Path

The course was fantastic and did a really good job of making me feel empowered by RPA.
I will note, however, that when going to install Studio, the download option was on the 1st screen that loaded up as opposed to the 2nd screen.

Thank you for making this tool available for free. I have just finished my second unit on the " RPA Developer Foundation Training -" and I am enjoying learning this new skills.

This Content is very much important and I feel this section will be a core/ base to any beginners
If any beginner spend more time in this topic and develop more robot will get more hands on experience.