RPA Developer Foundation - Feedback Space

During my “A Day in the Life of an RPA Developer” training, at the end, the About the Automation First approach - UiPath Official Website link is broken. Also, several links are repeated from the previous lesson…if I’m supposed to review them again, no problem.

The course was really helpful for the beginners on UiPath It covered most of the important uses like Array, for Each, Data manipulation, List and Dictionaries

The Setup on Orchestrator the queues Dispatcher and Performer is very clear Good vdeos

It s an intresting course and liked the way its presented.

The course is very clear, but the first video tutorial introducing the first workflow is based on an old version, it is difficult to find the right actions to do. This vidéo, in the introduction course have to be updated.

trouble in sign in with ui studio

I find the course material to be very interesting so far. Lots to learn…chugging along!

The RPA Developer Foundation course was an eye-opener. It would have been enlightening to do more practical exercises but generally it was industrious.


I have recently joined the UiPath and enrolled in the UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training.

The course itself is well organized and found it very easy to understand . Thank you team. :slight_smile: