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I am trying to implement UiDemo using REFramwwork. I have build Dispatcher-Upload Queue and completed all the remaining workflows. Dispatcher-Upload Queue works fine and the main.xaml correctly downloads data from Orchestrator queue and processes it. Currently I have to run Dispatcher-Upload Queue first to upload data to orchestrator queue and then run Main.Xaml. My questions is how do I invoke Dispatcher-Upload Queue from REFramework so that it uploads data and then processes it. Where should I invoke it in REFramework and what arguments do I need to pass?

Thank you for responding in advance.

@RISHI4897 - You can use a flow chart and call the two main.xaml files one after another. Please see the attached sample flowchart.

Flowchart.xaml (7.4 KB)

Hi Sreenivasm,
Thanks for reply. I am actually trying to integrate into REFramework. Is it possible to invoke it from any of the xaml files listed below?


Invoke dispatcher inside the if condition of init stage where then block of the if condition will be executed only once.
So invoke your dispatcher after kill all process or before reading the config.


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Hello Pathrudu,
Thanks for solution it worked! I have one more problem. I created process.xaml file exactly as per instructions but I am facing two issues.

  1. Robot doesn’t input correct value into UIDemo. For example if CashIn is 231.56 it will enter 23156.00
  2. Validation of input data isn’t being done. Robot isn’t throwing exception even if Cash in >1000 and input data isn’t valid.

Attached is process.xaml workflow.
Process.xaml (19.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for your response.

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