Struggling to understand a step in REFramework UiDemo Practice Walkthrough

Hello, I’m almost done with the REFramework UiDemo practice and reached this step where I have to complete the Process.xaml. I can’t find anywhere in the previous steps where it mentions that I have to make the Process.xaml.

I already have:
A Dispatcher - to upload the transactions as queue into Orchestrator
Uidemo_Login - to login into the Uidemo.exe
_Text - to test/debug the UiDemo_Login workflow

I’m wondering if the “Process.xaml” is the UiDemo_Login.xaml that I have to extract and turn it into a flowchart? Or is it a new fresh workflow that has a flowchart? If its a new workflow, then how do I get the Queue Item as an input argument so that I can assign the CashIn/OnUsCheck/NotOnUsCheck to the local variables? Do I pass it in from the UiDemo_Login.xaml?

Here is the link to the walkthrough, if it helps:
(I’m on the end of page 8)

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any ideas or leads to progress from this point.

You have to create two projects - one for Dispatcher and other for Performer

Dispatcher - Will send the queue items to Queue. While adding queue item you have to add CashIn, CashOut and NotOnUsCheck values as ItemInformation. You will find the ItemInformation in the properties panel of Add Queue Item Activity.

Performer - Will get the queue items and process them. Use Get Transaction Item activity to get the queue item. The ItemInformation you have added to the queue can be retrieved in the following way -

Consider you have added “ CashIn ”, “ CashOut ”, “ NotOnUsCheck ” to the Queue.
The result of get transaction item activity stored in a QueueItem variable.

Assign to local variables -

strCashIn = QueueItem.SpecificContent("CashIn").ToString
strCashOut = QueueItem.SpecificContent("CashOut").ToString
strNotOnUsCheck = QueueItem.SpecificContent("NotOnUsCheck").ToString

Convert these strings to required data types.

Karthik Byggari