Running the UiPath Walkthrough Demo


I have trouble understanding the Walkthrough in Lesson 3 - Advanced Training. It talks about Dispatcher and Performer. I ran the dispatcher by itself and it worked fine: the queue was populated.

For the performer, how do I run it. The instructions only mentions “Process” and all the init settings. Do I run the main? But where in the main does it call “Process”?

It seems the walkthrough is not clear enough/confusing.

You have to do 2 different projects (both based on REFramework). One does the dispatching and the second one is processing the queue.

Hi @c.ciprian!

Thank you for your reply. I think I got it. The “Process.xaml” is invoked from “Process Transaction” flow from the Main window.

Now, the dispatcher, I created it under the REFramework but ran it independently (while the dispatcher is active on the design window, hit run). Does it count, or does it have to be called/invoked from somewhere else? If it is, what flow from the Main.xaml is it invoked from?

The dispatcher should be in it’s own REFramework, being a separate project. Just think that you have a robot acting as a dispatcher and filling up the queue and 10 more robots consuming the queue.