RPA Developer Advanced - Assignment 1 - Get transaction data

Dear all,
I would be very grateful for your help.
I created the WF for Assignment 1 as described in the walkthrough and checked various other Forum Posts but I do still have Problems getting my filtered WI5/open Workitemlist into the “Get Transaction data” part, which causes my WF to always tell me that there are no items to be processed.
I created the global variable “WIList” with the Content and checked that it is working by a message box - it Shows me the Count of 10.
I also created the Argument as you can see from my enclosed screenshot, but when I go to “open Workflow” in order to use this Argument it is not there – please advise me what am I doing wrong that stops me from inserting my data to “get Transaction data”

strong text

Why are all these blank?

If you dont map the out_transactionItem then its value is nothing hence the process will end due to no more transactions.

okay, I do understand that but why are my values not there when i open the WF?

did you create the argument in invoke?
The argument has o be created inside the flow and then has to be imported in the worklfow.

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