Assignment 2 without Orchestrator - Get Transaction Data

Dear all,
due to Firewall restrictions in my Company I can`t connect to Orchestrator, which is fine for me since the result is what matters also for the Academy certification.
Creating my WF I once again ran into Problems with the get Transaction Data - I created the If as you can see from the attached Screen.
Both Arguments do have values - in_WIList Reports a Count of 16 when I put a write line to it and in_Transaction Number has a value of 1.
How can the System tell me that there is no more data to be processed when it has the condition 1<=16 ?
Would be happy to receive your Input and ideas where I am wrong :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

So the Workflow is entering into the TRUE part of IF condition.
In this case the Assign activity of out_TransactionItem is going wrong. Because it is setting to Null reference for some reason.

Please check.

Thank you for your quick answer.
For me the assign Looks fine, it is like the assign function for Assignment 1.
Please see enclosed screenshot and let me know in case you can tell me the Problem.
Thank you

I think the Problem is what I enter to “out Transaction item” when invoking the WF - the “out_Transactionitem” should not be empty, but Idon`t know what to enter.

It will be TransactionItem and for out_TransactionData it will be TransactionData respectively.
I think your mapping got refreshed as they should be there by default.

But you need to understand that why we mapped it like above.
What you get in arguments you assign it to(if Out) or from(if In) a local variable. Generally we keep the names similar to avoid confusion and just prefix the arguments with in/out_.

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Thank you both for your valuable Support! :+1:


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