Assignment1: Extract WI5 and Getting Transaction Data

hi everyone,

I have created the WI5Items workflow but somehow, I am having trouble passing the argument to the GetTransactionData workflow. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

GetTransactionData.xaml (10.2 KB)

ExtractWI5Items.xaml (8.3 KB)

additionally, I have created in_WIList argument of DataRow type in GetTransactionData.xaml – is this correct?

WIList items should be an out_Argument which should be then passed to GetTransaction

This is Init

This is Main → GetTransactionData taking WIList as input argument

This is GetTransactionData.xaml having in_WIList as input argument array DataRow

You need to closely look into variables you are using and then how you are passing them as in_Argument and getting back as out_Argument if needed


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Thanks @PrankurJoshi, 1 more thing, in the init screenshot you gave above, you created 2 local variables, ExtractedDataTable and WIList…

where or how does ExtractedDataTable getting its value?

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No, as I said if you need it then its fine. Otherwise I think you only need WIList that would work


thanks for explaining things in detail @PrankurJoshi, I did mine a bit different, but it is based on your idea above.

in my ExtractWI5Items.xaml…

in my Main…

and finally in my GetTransactionData…

now I can move on to the next step! :slight_smile:

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