RPA Associate Training Series Struggles

Today I started on the UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training (linked at the end), and am already running into discrepancies between the video and how things actually function today. Specifically, the video and tutorials are all geared towards using the free community edition and Studio, however I have no access to Studio with the Community Edition. I only have StudioX access.

I went to https://cloud.uipath.com/ and got logged in fully, on the right there is a download option for UiPathStudioCommunity.msi. When I install this and run it, it only loads StudioX. I see no options to swap to Studio, it only grants me StudioX access.

Everything I find on the forum here is saying to go to Settings → License and Profile and swap to Studio here, however the only option is “Change Local License”. When I select this, it asks me for a key (which I do not have, as I’m using the free edition).

Am I missing something obvious, can anyone help me get on track with Studio so I can proceed through the academy course?


Is your license community ir free…if free then you need to create a account with a different new mail as community license will guve access to studio or els eyou ll get only studiox


I’m not sure how to check specifically, this is all I can find on that (bottom left of my StudioX application):


Please go to orchestrator → admin-> licenses…there you will see if it is community or free

Also…if community…

Go to orchestrator → tenant-> users …there give the user youa re logged in in studio a automation/rpa developer role

Hope this helps


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. The issue was in Admin → Licenses. I had to allocate my e-mail the Community Plan license. Not sure if I missed this in the academy course video, or if it’s new and not mentioned, but it’s all resolved now =)

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Glad it got resolved…please close the topic if you dont have further questions on this topic

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