Community version

Hi all,

really new to RPA. Hopefully UIpath will help me getting more familiair in the subject.

I’ve installed the UIpath studio community version. Now i’m looking for the robot and orchestrator. I also think I might not really understand the structure of the suite, and if it’s available in community edition.

Can someone maybe direct me in the right way?



Welcome to world of RPA! :smiley: hahaha

Why not pass through the Uipath Academy? You’ll learn about the Uipath and Orchestrator for free and get a certification when finish it :wink:



Thanks, I was intending to take the course. but the link doesn’t seem to work? :confused:

Url working fine.
What’s the error your getting?

You can find all the material related to Studio/Robot/Orchestrator here.

Happy Automation,
Cheers :slight_smile:

I got an error this whole day…now it just worked! :slight_smile:

Thanks, going to take the course!