Cannot figure out how to get Studio

I must have a community type of license because I am only able to access Studio X. Is there any way that a free user can access Studio? I found some directions in the docs but nothing seems to be working for me. Is it free, or is it not? Thank you so much in advance if you have any advice

Hi @Kyle_Davis,

Try this.

Step1: On the start page of the UiPath Studio, you will find an option for settings.

Step2: Click on License and Profile

Step3: Click on View or Change Profile

Hope it helps.


Hi Harshith,

Thank you for the quick reply. Does this message under License and Profile have any resolution that you know of?


Check the license on your orchestrator…go to admin and license…

If you are on community plan you should have studio licemse…

If not community then go ahead and create an account with different id in community and use it

If community then first try checking the license and give the automation developer licemse to the user or the machine you are connected to

Also later signout assistant and signin

If signout does not change then decativate using this in command prompt

"C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.LicenseTool.exe" deactivate

Then check again in studio

Hope this helps