RPA and niche software

Hi all,

I’m new to this and RPA looks pretty cool. I have got UiPath downloaded and have been utilising but I was wondering, will UiPath allow me to automate processes on any application or is it restricted.

The reason I ask is that I have some specialist forensic software for my lab and want to automate some processes within it. However the recorder will not allow me to click into options etc. I guess I’m trying to determine whether its user error (in which case I will go and learn more) or a limitation of RPA.

So I guess I’m trying to work out whether UiPATH can record actions on any GUI or is it limited to browsers, MSOffice and the likes?


If this is the case,Then you can try tab,enter etc… keyboard shortcuts to perform the task on that app

As you said you’ve installed UiPath give it a try.Generally we can automate any desktop,web applications using UiPath @forensicRobot


I have tried, with no luck. Every time I mouse click on a GUI icon, the recorder seems to cut out? Keyboard is unlikely to be an option as the menus are too complex, mouse recorded clicks are probably the only viable way I think.

As you say any app is potentially automatable, how would I know if it was not?