Record A ROBOT

Hello Dears,
Can I Use Record Activity inside you uipath ?

Record is not an activity in UiPath. It generates a series of activities based on the actions you perform while recording.

So Do you think that i can Record ? and How

Press the record button and you will be presented with options to start recording. There is also a stop button, which will end recording and put the activities into the sequence.

you didn’t under stand me i want to Automate some thing inside UIPATH

UiPath is the name of the company providing automation solutions. You’ll need to define what you mean by “inside UiPath”.

Dear I am inside UIPATH Studio and my idea is to create RPA That Create function Automatically.

The scenario is that i want to create A RPA that Create RPA to Create New File

There is not a simple solution for RPA processes that create RPA processes outside of using the recording tool manually. It would involve knowing how to write XAML and settings files directly from UiPath.

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hi @dana_nafez,

We have something called Task Capture , please have a look if you can leverage the same.