Robotic Enterpse framework

Dear Experts,
I am proceeding with Level 3 Advanced training. At the very first i.e Robotic Enterprise Framework UIDemo walk through I am unable to understand properly where to create the sequence as shown in the below screenshot.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @apurba2Samanta,

Could you please help me on the above issue?


@PrasantaLenka Go to New → Sequence. Change the name to Dispatcher. Done :slight_smile:

Hello @supermanPunch ,
Thank you so much for you help. Additionally could you please suggest should I create this sequence inside the RE frame work folder which I have downloaded from git hub?


@PrasantaLenka Maybe you can, but i prefer you to create a REFramework Workflow using REFramework Template provided in UIpath.