Robot will not Stay Connected to Desktop

I am attempting to run an unattended robot on a server. The problem I am continuing to have the the robot is disconnecting. To get it to reconnect I simply logon to the server with RDP, open the assistant, logon to orchestrator, and then I sign out. After doing this the connecting will last for about 20 min before losing connection. Thus this process must be repeated to reconnect it. I have checked and the UiPath Robot service is running. I have also installed UiPath as unattended. When I hover over the hidden icon it says connection failed. Do you have any solutions?
Thank you,
Zack Myers

Hi @zackattack0517 ,

Try uninstalling UiPath entirely from you computer. Once you uninstall, go to AppData\Local\UiPath\ and delete what is remaining there too.

Then download a fresh installation from uipath studio download site and install it. This might fix the issue…

And please make sure there is no other version of UiPath installed.

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Shubham Dutta

I did this but the problem persists.

Can you check if this thread is helping you? Usual Orchestrator errors (FAQ) - Troubleshooting

I do not see anything helpful in this thread.

The most common reason for an RDP connection to hang is unstable connectivity on the client side. You are sure that you have a stable connection in the unattended robot machine?

Check these: