RDP connection lost while Robot is start and end

I am getting an below error while executing robot on VM.

My IT person is saying below… Is that any possibility? I am not understanding what is the issue.

I’m seeing reason code#5 in the logs, which points to a reconnection of an RDP session. Normally this confers with either a local login being used for an RDP session, or vice-versa. However, I’ve also seen this when a connection is dropped and re-connected. While this is normally not an issue, it can cause a “ghost” login to remain behind which the system sees active.

If that’s the case, then other connections are dropped to keep the Terminal Services connections at the max allowed limit of 2.

Are you trying to login to the server, with any combination of accounts, more than twice simultaneously? If so, this might be causing the disconnects.

Hi Pari!

The RDP session disconnecting on Start and on End is an expected behavior while using unattended robots.

It happens because once the job starts, the user logs in to the computer, hence disconnecting your session.

Once it ends, it logs out and closes the RDP session, thus disconnecting it.

if you are triggering it from orchestrator then it is expected.