Robot will not finish process. Keeps running after ran entire flow

Hi everyone.

I am stuck in this problem for several weeks.
My robot inside UiPath Assistant stucks after it runs an entire process. To describe better my problem, the robot will check a sheet in Google Sheets to see if there is any pending “jobs”. If the answer is yes, it will start everything and run these jobs, else it will stop the application and wait 5 more minutes to run again.

When the answer for the question above is no, no problem happens. But when it starts the other processes, it will stuck when finished and no error is thrown. The job wont finish, therefore no other schedule activity starts.
The weird part of all that is if I start from Studio, no problem exists and it finishes normally.

Some days ago I got the robot running smoothly, but then I had to restart my machine and the problem came back.

Since it won’t throw any erros, not even inside orchestrator, I really don’t know how to approach the situation.

Can anyone please help me with this?

I’ve found my issue. It was related with the SMTP activity. Just deleted and replaced with outlook send email activity.

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