Robot is getting Stuck in Orchestrator

Hi Team ,

Robot is getting stuck in Running mode for 12 to 19 hour untill that Other Run is going on pending stage.I have checked CPU and Memory details,Everything seems to be fine

The Issue is Actully If data will be available in the Portal,then only Bot should move to the Process stage to prform.But while moving to the process stage,its seems like by that time some one processed the data manually and Bot is unable to find.But i have follwed the same thing from studio and from orchestrator also.But its not getting stucked.Please suggest


Is the scheduled process ends before the next schedule or the bot is till keep on lookin for data and the process continues without an end?

Can you plz verify that as well?

Its a schedule process.but its runs in every 3 hour and it took only 2 min to finsh the run.and bot is not waiting for the data.if no data found it will send an email and stop the process.

so this process working some days or always failing at some particular time?

Its failing some time.not always.once in a day or 2 days once the issue is getting triggered.


Then I doubt it may be due to the system capability. Can you cross after 2-3 days continuos processing, is there any cpu utilization spike or error throwing from system.

Maybe you can check the logs during the scheduled time.

Logsin Orchestrator?

Hi @Priyambada_Panda,

I did not fully understand the problem. Is the robot stuck in operation? Or is it completing successfully but not doing the job?


Its not moving forward.But in Jobs its showing as running.and in production machine also its stucked .Today its happening frequently.

Did you connect to the robot and check what is on the screen while it seems to be working?

  • The service used by the robot may have been terminated.
  • In rare cases, apps may not timeout while waiting for their load time. This means that it continues to work without errors. How the screen stays is very important.

Yes i have checked and in screen its visible the web portal and its not timedout and not moving also

I think you should create a request for it. They will provide full control with the daily information requested from you.

Please find the event viewer screenshot and let me know is this the root cause of Robot Stuck.

The issue has been solved.
The issue has happened due to Excel version mismatch.After Downloading the excel file from portal (.xls).by using invoke code activity( the file to .xlsx format . And instead of Excel Applicatikn scope used Workbook activity.

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