Robot Unavailable/Disconnected After Setup

Hi everyone!

My company is having quite a few problems getting started with UiPath. The version of Orchestrator we have currently is 2019.4.3. I used the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe file to install Studio. It looks like a robot was installed as well.

  • I logged into Orchestrator and opened UiPath Robot.
  • I created a standard machine (TestBot20210318). Currently, the installed version is showing Unknown.
  • Next, I created a standard robot by clicking Robots then Standard Robot. I typed TestBot20210318 in the Machine field, the computer name in the Name field, the domain and username in the Domain\Username field, the password in the Password field, selected Unattended in the Type field. Then, I clicked Create.
  • I clicked Environments and clicked Manage. Then, I selected the computer name and clicked Update.
  • I went back to the computer on which the software was installed. I opened up UiPath Robot and clicked Preferences then Orchestrator Settings.
  • I used the Orchestrator URL and Machine Key from Orchestrator in their corresponding fields in the Orchestrator Settings, then clicked Connect.

Everything is still showing disconnected/unavailable. Any assistance that helps us navigate to a successful setup is greatly appreciated!

I followed the steps shown on a YT video and was able to get it to work!

Hi @SynergiBot,
I’m glad that you solved it. Can you share the link to the video that helped you? It may help to the others with similar issue :slight_smile:

Hi! I wasn’t sure if outside links were acceptable. Thank you for clarifying. Below is the link I followed. Since we have an older version of Orchestrator, I had to take some additional steps.

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