Robot thinks it is clicking element on screen but nothing happens


I have been trying to automate a file upload that we do online. One of the final steps is to select a file from file explorer. There is a link on the page to open file explorer. The robot thinks it has selected the link, however the file explorer window does not appear.

Any tips on how I can make this work? The File Explorer window should appear after selecting “or choose a file” in the final step.

the selector is showing correctly? verify with UiExplorer.

I’m not sure fully know what the UiExplorer is.

However, the photo in studio is correct and the selector editor shows correctly as well.

ok… the selector looks correct. Can you try replace the click activity with “click text activity” and try if it works

we actually gave that a shot shortly after posting this and have been receiving this error message:


can i get an screenshot from what are you trying to click?

is there a way to arrive with tabs, and how much?, or you can try with click image and select the region with that text

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