Background Automation on pop-up file explorer

Hi guys, needed help on unattended bot process. Currently the problem I’m facing is that when my robot click "Add Attachment’, the file explorer window will not pop up. Please guide me how to solve this problem. Thanks.

Hi sam.lee, make sure you use it right for you purpose !

for click activity at click add attachment, have you tried testing with simulate click check and unchecked.

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Hi @Sreelatha278, I already tried both, the pop up window just won’t appear, I don’t know why

Hi @TanVuong, I already tried, neither will pop up the window

My robot is running in background while my computer is locked. If it runs in the Ui there’s no problem for the pop up window

Hi sam.lee i think it’s impossible, Background process can’t run with UI Interaction activities such as click or type into.

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@TanVuong For click and type into activities can be ran in background process as long the stimulate/sendwindowmessage is checked. The problem now is the popup window.

Can you give me the error you encountered?

Let me explain the steps:

  1. Click ‘Add Attachment’, then the file explorer will pop up
  2. Type into ‘File path’ to locate the attachment

The problem now is the file explorer window will not pop up which cause the next step faulted. The error showed is ‘Uielement not exist’. I’m assuming if the robot running background, Chrome will not able to popup the file explorer window.

yeah, i got it, you maybe indicated incorrect Selector of "Add attachment’ selector. Make sure after indicate, that selector is validate.