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Hi everyone !

I have a query from Web seletor. I’m work on a web page which seems like a file explorer. Eg :

The robot has to be able to click on “Rejet_AL”. For example for the line “Test.log”. But the position of the line can change.

I didn’t found in Ui explorer the parent id or something like that to tell my robot which have to click on the line which have the file “test.log”. I specify that the 4 propositions (recycle, rejet_AL, rename, delete) need a hover to click on it.

Maybe i can yse an activy to know the index of “Test.log” and add in my second selecotr the same index but i didn’t found also.

If anyone have a method, it will be useful for me, thank you.


Once give it a try with Click Text activity.

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I don’t know why i didn’t think about this activity !! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !


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You can you Click or click Text activity both will work


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