Robot stays in locked screen - avoid this or how to check if screen is locked

Hi all,
we have an issue with our robots: Our robot-machines are waiting for new jobs while the screen is locked. Normally the Orchestrator “wakes up” the robot and unlocks the screen, when starting a job on that machine. We have about 100 to 150 jobs on each machine every day, and in 1 or 2 random cases the screen stays locked. This produces errors, as our software doesn’t work properly with locked screen.

Are there any settings at the Orchestrator, that will avoid this problem? Or do you know a way to check, if screen is locked. In that case we would stop the job and do a retry.

Thanks for your help!

Hey @mm1904

Ideally, any Bots triggered from orchestrator should auto enable the session inside the remote machine.

I hope the machines you are addressing are the remote machines(server).

Always sign-out from the machine after using, so the robot which gets triggered from orchestrator imposes the resolution properly.

If you are not using remote machines, try changing the display settings to “never sleep”.


Hi @GouthamVijay
thanks for your post!
As our logon needs very long time, we don’t logoff after a job, only lock the screen. I think, the resolution is not the problem. I add screenshots off our settings. The ‘never sleep’ option is not necessary, when there is no job to do, a dispatcher-robot refreshes one site every 30 seconds to check for new tasks. It’s just between two jobs, when screen gets locked, sometimes the new job just dosn’t unlock the screen.
Is there any chance to check, if the screen is locked, maybe as the first steps in a new robot/job.
Thank You!

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Hi @mm1904

As you are using UnAttended Bot, Locking the screen is not a good option. Please signout from the server.
I believe you are using remote servers for triggering Unattended Bot. In this case ideally you should never face an issue with lock screen.
And I assume the root cause is, not properly signing out from the server machine. If you minimize the server and keep it active for longer duration, your machine auto locks it and your next Job fails to run.

Try by signing out, and trigger the jobs or schedule it.

Correct me if I understood it wrong…


Hi @GouthamVijay
We don’t use server as unattended robots, we have ‘normal’ desktop-machines. Our main software doesn’t work on server-solutions or virtual machines. And I can’t log off that machine because logon will take too much time untill all software is startet.
The error occurs not very often, less then 1% of the jobs. And for that I don’t want to change all jobs and everything else. It would be usefull for me, if I could check, if the screen is still locked in my first activity.

Hey @mm1904

As per my knowledge, background automation won’t work under the locked screen circumstances…

Steps to overcome the issue of locked screen…

  1. you can use some meaningless activities (eg. f15 hotkey) so often, by these you can avoid the system locking itself.
    Unlock Lock Screen during robot run - #20 by kuppu_samy

  2. To check your screen is locked more precisely, Use try-catch block at your first sequence.
    You can download locked windows image from Internet and use the same in “Image Exists” activity for more accuracy or you can come into a conclusion if your first activity goes into an exception.

    //ImageExists of Locked Screen
    stop the process by }