Run the scheduled robot when the system is locked

I’ve scheduled a robot for web automation. It is working properly when my system is not locked. When I locked the system, the scheduled automation was not running. I’m using community edition. I’m using the unattended robot. Is there an option to run it when the screen is locked.??? Please anyone help me.


In your Robot register in Orchestrator have the system credentials correctly?
Supose unattended robots auto login in to the session for working.

There is no credential for my system. It is just locked. If press enter it will open. :roll_eyes:

I recommended you use the robot with user/password, i dont know any about unlock computer with out usr/pwd

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hi @Kailash_Kumar
If your are 100% sure about your running robot is Unattended , so that robot can be pass its own windows credential itself (you have to provide exact and correct domain/user name and password in the relevant unattended robot ) if you using that it can be log and do the task.

But as you say that “Is there an option to run it when the screen is locked” no its cannot .

to run the job either it should be pass the credential and run the robot or should turn on machine screen(without lock)

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thanks a lot

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You are always welcome :sunglasses:

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