Unlock Lock Screen during robot run

If you have deployed your process in an Orchestrator, you no need to worry for your locked system. Your system should be power on along with the internet connection is enough. An Orchestrator will unlock your system and execute the process, finally your system will be locked again at the end of the process completion.

Hope this helps to you :slight_smile:

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Hi, we are indeed using orchestrator to start our processes, but is still facing the Windows locked issue.

For example, we would have 10 processes scheduled on a machine each day. And about the 5th -10th one would fault as Windows is locked due to inactivity. And the if we manually logged in and logged off again after receiving notification that the 5th has faulted, then the 6th to 10th would be able to run normally.

You may have enabled Sleep in the power settings. Check and set it as Never on the Sleep and try once.

But considering the fact that robot is the only user who might logon to the machine, and it supposedly would log off its own session after each process, why would the machine go into sleep mode?

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Changing the system state to Sleep after few mins (like 10 or 15 mins) Sleep is a default feature come along with the Microsoft OS setting. So just give a try once.

what about assigning some meaningless activities to the robot from time to time in the long spare time, like typing something meaningless, to avoid a long time of inactivity and ensure the sleeping mode will not be triggered?

A way to avoid the Locking is with a timer doing Hidden SendKeys I like F15 in a simple VBScript works.

Another alternative that works well.

Caffeine Tray Utility


Hi, my computer is connected to Orchestrator. When it’s locked, the process is still excecuted behind the locked screen but will fail if it comes to “Click, Type,…” on browser.
I did set the computer to never lock on low battery, light off,… but it locks by accident, sometimes.
Any idea how to really unlock the screen?


Hi @inyourgravity

If you’re using Enterprise Edition in the Windows Server. Clear the User Session of the Bot Machine before you running the process.

The above screenshot is about single machine. If you are using Windows Server with Enterprise Edition, you can use multiple user for bot. So clear the user session of particular bot user.

Sure it will work because I faced the same problem. But it won’t work in the development machine. It will work in production.

If you connected the bot machine remotely while running the process, keep in mind clear the user session after finishing your work.

For clearing the user session, please contact your server administrator.

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Hi @tranthao240495
I faced the same problem.
Have you resolved the problem?

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No, but I change to another computer, and UiPath Robot can really unlock the screen to popup a message box, click, … :smile: Maybe UiPath upgrade Robot or something about the computers :-/


Hi @tranthao240495,
Does your robot actually unlocks the machine like a human?
I have tested unlocking on my system, it does unlock the system in background, performs activities and logs off.

I wanted to test if the Bot Actually types the password like a human but that’s not the case.

Well, it doesnot type the password cause we already set the right password on Cloud RPA. The robot unlocks the screen to perform UI activities, and then lock if off.

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I am just wondering. if bot unlocks the computer to perform some task, then it is possible that someone can intervene the bot task and take control of the system which is now unlocked. This will lead to security breach !

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No, the password is secured in orchestrator. It won’t be exposed unless you disclose the password to others. You may secure the machine in different way by using firewalls, IP restrictions, Strong password, etc.

Uipath robot has to be installed as a SERVICE(check your task manager in services tab), only then bot will auto unlock the windows and once the task is completed windows will be locked again

Hi @YathishGowda,
Service robots are used for RDP connection right? I don’t have any Remote session, I am working on local computer and I am trying to unlock a system with no user logged in (System restarted) using USER Mode Robot. Since there are no users logged in, the bot cannot take over anyone’s session.
Installing Robot as a Service will work?

Awaiting your reply. Thanks :slight_smile:

it appears you’re using a community edition, but nevertheless install the ui robot as a Service and it should work

Hi @Abhishek07,

In Enterprise Edition : Usually the Robots are installed in the Windows Servers, Every windows user account can be accessible by Remote Desktop Connection. Windows servers are ready to login/logout as instance and always ready to serve that’s why we call it as Server. Sure the bot will automatically login into the windows bot user and start’s the process. If the bot user is already been used by someone, it will take the existing user session and start’s the process.

In Community Edtion : We might have login into the machine, unless it’s doesn’t seem work. otherwise it’s same as the enterprise edition. Also community edition can’t be install on the all users, if you want to install then you need to install them individually



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