Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available runtime licenses


We have two separate robots setup to run on one machine. (1 unattended license)

We currently have an issue where after robot 1 has finished processing a Job, if robot 2 tries to run next I get the below error even though robot 1 has finished.

Info: Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available runtime licenses. (#1915).

It is like robot 1 isn’t releasing the license properly so it can be used by another robot after completion?

Has anybody come across anything like this before?


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Try contacting the technical support for this @dcharlton

@dcharlton Hi David, what Robot‌ and Orchestrator‌ version do you have? Did you encounter this before? Did you change anything in license configuration in Orchestrator‌?

Using version 2018.4.3 for both Orchestrator and the Robot. First time I’ve come across this, and we haven’t changed any license configuration.

I will contact technical support now also.

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same issue. did this get resolved?
if i remember correctly this is only possible in 2019 version?

Our issue was resolved.
In our case using virtual machines the PC was in a locked state instead of being logged off.
So after a process ran it would return the PC to a locked state instead of logging out, meaning that another robot wouldn’t be able to take the license as it was still being held by the first robot in the locked state.

I see. I though Orchestrator logged in and out of the VM for each job run.
Is there a way to make sure it loggs off? Some settings?

Hi snoopy,
We ensured that we logged out of the VM ourselves manually instead of just closing the VM (or locking it).
This meant that when another process would run on the machine that the robot would login, run the process and logout again leaving the license free.


Hi! I made the robot logg off in the end of the run.
this DID work, meaning another Robot-user could log in on the same VM after it finished.
But in Orchestrator the Job is marked as Failed, because it ended too soon, errror:
Info: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x40010004
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x40010004

Here is my test-workflow:

So why on earth can’t Orchestrator just log of automatically? Doesn’t everyone use VM’s?

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hi any solution to this query ??

@dcharlton ?

I’ve marked the solution that worked for us.

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