Robot Licensing Failed as There are no available runtime licenses

How to troubleshoot Robot Licensing Failure when there are no available runtime licenses?

The Robot Licensing failure error occurs, when the number of Robots provisioned in Orchestrator are more than the available runtime licenses.
In such a scenario when Orchestrator tries to allocate the license to Robots which are not licensed yet and there is no available runtime license to allocate, It generates this message in the event viewer. 

For Example: Considering the below scenario (For first machine - All runtime has been used up, For second - 1 Runtime License is still available) 

The runtime allocated to  Machine 001 is 1 thus at a given time only One Robot User account will be able to process & any other process gets triggered on the same Machine will go into pending state as already 1 Runtime license is being used by the Robot and for the second Robot user account there is no available Runtime license at that given time. 
In this scenario, the error message will be logged in the event viewer. 

Now for the Second Machine 002, the available Runtime is 3 where the current user is 2 at that particular time. 
At any given time you can run 3 processes simultaneously on the same Machine for 3 different user account which is provisioned.
In this scenario, no error message will be logged in the event viewer. 

Note: Provisioning of 200 Robots will require 200 Runtime licenses, to execute all bots at the given time. 

Attached is a small sample video - check the Related section of the KB article

Version: >= 2018.3.x